So off we go to find the shooting star that killed ziggy’s donkey. The crater is at the base of a mountain near the eastern road, about 400 miles from the academy. It took us a couple of weeks to get there, a couple of uneventful weeks which I wont get into much detail to explain. Although I have to admit that i appreciate the guys coming along, especially when this wasn’t their quest and I was cutting into their month off, but if I had know they were going to complain all the while I would have left them at the academy.

When we arrived at the crash site, it was swarmed with Blaze like creatures made of a hot brilliant light, unlike fire which is hot to the touch theseelementals felt more like they filled the environment with this heavy-hot fumes which made me sick to my stomach. the fumes extended all the way out of the crater and withered the woods around the crash site. after our first toe to toe encounter with one of the creatures we, and by we i meanDaeron, discovered this were creatures from the elemental plane of fire and light he called them radiance elementals . fighting these things proved harder than I expected I felt exhausted, nauseated and burned just by being close to them. After facing just a couple of them we decided this foes were much more dangerous than they appeared and made a tactical retreat, with our tails between our legs. Thespellcasters ran out of spells tending to our wounds, if we didn’t find a way to deal rapidly with these creatures there was no way we could retrieve the fallen star in time.

All night we brain stormed ideas on how to do said task, we pondered every way from brute force to trying to think outside the crate, the best idea we came up with was try get the attention of as few of them as possible and send the creatures that attacked us back to their home, the casters said they could do that, I must admit I had my doubts but the casters delivered. the closer we got to the center of the crater the hotter it got and the more blisters I get throughout my whole body. My job was to get the star while the others dispelled the blaze like creatures, which they were doing great. That was the most extenuating 100 meter dash in my life, it felt like swimming in flames while trying my best not to puke. when I got there I put the star in my brand new bag of holding as fast as I could, just touching that smoldering piece of stone the skin burned off my bones, sheathed my swords because I couldn’t bear to touch them and ran away from that hellhole. once we had put over a mile between us and the crater I remember stopping to letInsertEricksNameHere tend to my wounds and remove the disease from the radiance this part is a little sketchy because according to them I almost died a couple of times to the disease and spent most of the time unconscious.

Back in the academy we met ziggy who pulled out of his top hat a weird contraption which he used to take the fallen star from the bag and threw a couple of spells in it then we sent it flying to the sky where the meteorite exploded in a grand manner. then he proceeded to give me the top hat as a gift then he disappeared out of thin air.


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