Siren Of The Woods

We were just about to graduate from the training grounds, from now on our training grounds are going to be the world. We were given our Last mission as group of Apprentices, if we did this right we would become full grown Journeymen and graduate, think of this as the final exam. I was the leader of the group, because of my selflessness, my need for redemption and because lets face it I am the only one who has a solid moral fiber in the group. Our mission consisted in finding some MIA hunters in the haunted forest of certain horrible death near the academy. We parted at dawn, I made sure we had enough rations and equipment to last a couple of extra days, even when the mission was supposed to be a day or two tops. We ended up having to take a burro with us because we couldn’t carry all of the things ourselves, damn Daeron, that wizard is always bringing three times the stuff he can carry. We walked for a pleasant couple of hours, until we arrived at the forest. The moment we went in it we noticed something was wrong, we had been here a couple of times before but I’ve never felt it so dark and somber. I remember feeling a chill go down my spine, that’s when I decided we should wrap this up as quickly as possible, and get out of there.

After a while of stumbling around in the forest InsertEricksNameHere came across some weird footprint patterns, I decided we should follow them. The footprints led us to an abandoned cabin, as we approached the cabin an “unnatural” ice storm began to form around us. We moved inside the cabin, as some unknown forces besieged the cabin, we discovered what happened to the hunters. Apparently they had been trapped the same way we were and they ended up eating each other out of desperation. as they attacked from every possible direction suddenly InsertEricksNameHere after being bitten by, what Daeron called a wendigo, went out the door charging blindly, and stupidly I might add. I wasn’t going to loose a friend in the home stretch, so convinced everybody that if we stayed longer in there we were gonna end up like those poor hunters so we stormed out of the cabin to face our foes, but the thing assailing us was nowhere to be found. According to Daeron wendigos transmit a disease which drives you mad and eventually transforms you into a wendigo too.

After a couple of hours searching for InsertEricksNameHere our tracker, task which proved to be difficult. When we found him, he was eating the flesh of some rotting corpses. We tried to make him stop, but the wendigo appeared behind us preventing us from reaching our friend, and as we fended of against our wretched attacker InsertEricksNameHere attacked us trying to make us his next meal. So I told Darren to protect us from our friend while the rest of the party battled against the wendigo. When the wendigo was about to die I looked back to see how Darren was doing, expecting to see him hold back when fighting InsertEricksNameHere but he wasn’t, on the contrary he was going all out, so I decided to leave the wendigo in the rest of the group’s hands and go help Darren. I remember seeing Darren’s morning star hit InsertEricksNameHere right in his skull so I said “if you keep hitting him this hard heĀ“ll die” and he answered “who said I was trying to knock him unconscious”, as much much as it pained me hearing him say that, we wouldn’t stop him if we went easy on him. Lucky for us InsertEricksNameHere he collapsed to the ground before we ended up killing him, A few seconds later the rest of the party killed the wendigo but not before it managed to bite me and Daeron. We were tieing up InsertEricksNameHere and performing first aid on him, when we saw another couple of wendigos coming our way. I wanted to stay and fight but most of the group was badly injured or unconscious, part of being the leader means putting the rest of the team’s needs before our personal wishes. I told them that I would hold them of while the rest went back to the academy, but those idiots instead of leaving thought I was going mad too and decided to tie me up to and make a run for the academy.

Back in the academy they treated all of us for the wendigo’s disease and even if we didn’t took care of all the wendigos we still earned some points, enough for us to graduate and become journeymen. And in case you were wondering yeah we left the donkey on the cabin with most of our stuff.

Siren Of The Woods

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